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We specialize in elite graffiti, pop & post-war-and-contemporary art.


We are located in Montreal, Canada.

HQ: 3790 St-Laurent blvd.

Please email us with any enquiry: Art collection, special projects & +

art -at-



El Mac     Stare


Banksy     Shepard Fairey     Carlos Mare139     Pose      Kems      Sentwo Figueroa


Benny Wilding    Reyes     Miss Teri     Kwest    Augustine Kofie   Pun18    Scien & Klor


Greg Lamarche     Dave Persue(Bunny Kitty)     Jesse Hazelip     Cope2     Dash FC

Alex Scaner     Ryan Dineen     Crash     Wasted Rita     Mark Drew     Miss Van    Trav     

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